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8 months ago
Doctors Guide

Diseases adds a wide range of features centred around player's health. Players can contract infections & diseases, craft cures & vaccines or even spread diseases into enemy towns!
FleshWound - Contracted by breaking blocks with bare fist. Symptoms: none. Cure: Bandage, if not cured infection risk increases
YellowFever - Contracted in the insect infested jungle. Symptoms: high fever and sneezing. Contagious. Cure: Potion
WhoopingCough - Contracted in the dusty desert. Symptoms: wheezing and coughing. Contagious. Cure: Potion
Plague - Contracted by damage from zombies. Symptoms: high fever, sickness, vomiting and sneezing. Contagious. Cure: Potion
Cholera - Contracted by drinking unclean water. Symptoms: sickness, vomiting. Cure: Potion
Broken Leg - Contracted by fall damage. Symptoms: slowness. Cure: Splint
Pneumonia - Contracted by staying in cold conditions for long lengths of time. Symptoms: slowness, exhaustion, reduced lung capacity and coughing. Cure: Heated Cream
SwampFever - Contracted by swimming in swampland biome with fleshwound. Cure: Potion
OpenWound - Contracted by being slashed with a sword. Symptoms: bleeding, weakness and health loss. Cure: Bandage
Choking - Contracted by eating food. Symptoms: health loss, reduced speech and inability to consume food or drink. Cure: Slap on Back
Rabies - Contracted by wolf bite. Symptoms: fever, foaming mouth, vomiting, confusion, violent outbursts, speed, strength and heart failure. Cure: Potion
The Pox - Contracted by being in contact with animals. Symptoms: temperature, sneezing, vomiting, blindness and weakness. Contagious. Cure: Potion
To see this list in game type /disease list
To check if you have contracted a disease, type /health
Crating Recipes (players can only craft a leg splint, bandage and bio warfare items everything else is only craftable by a doctor)
Syringe - craft a syringe to extract blood and inject vaccines
Vaccines - combine a syringe with a curative potion to create a vaccine
Bandage - cures fleshwounds
Leg Splint - cures broken legs
SoothingPotion - temporarily soothes all symptoms
Bitterwort - cures the plague
Brightwater - cures cholera
Smoothwater - cures whooping cough
Sweetwort - cures yellow fever
Warm Gel - cures pneumonia
Blackbrew - cures swamp fever
LycanPotion - cures rabies
SweetBrine - cures pox
Splash Disease Vial - biological weapon
Immunity System
This system controls your immunity to diseases, the better your immunity to a disease, the lower the chance of catching it.
  • These features will contribute to your immunity to diseases
  • Each time you contract a disease you build up an immunity to it
  • When you catch a disease your immune system takes a hit so immunity for other diseases will reduce
  • Death reduces your immunity.. as its not good for your health
  • Higher immunity reduces chance of catching a disease
  • 100% immunity will result in being immune to a disease
You will grow more immune to diseases most prominent in your area.
To check your immunity status for all diseases, type /disease immunity
To increase immunity to one particular disease you are able to craft vaccinations to use on yourself or other players. To do this you must first craft a syringe, then combine the syringe with the respective curative potion to create a vaccine.
Biological Warfare
Diseases can be used as a weapon of war infecting and spreading through entire nations causing death and destruction. By combining a syringe containing disease infected blood and a bottle you can create a splash disease vial. This vial can be thrown at players giving a chance of them catching the disease from standing within the splash radius. So be sure to protect yourself and allies by vaccinating!
Note not all diseases can be put into vials
Adds new temperature based effects to the game depending on the players temperature:
  • Heat - can cause heat stroke - fatigue and nausea
  • Cold - can cause hypothermia - increased chance of pneumonia, freezing, slowness and blindness
How to get warm:
  • Stay indoors during cold periods, especially during storms or at night.
  • Hold a warm item such as a torch or lava bucket
  • Stand near to a campfire, torch or other warm block
  • Keep dry
  • Wear armour, especially leather
  • Stay in warm climates
  • Boil milk in furnace, drink to warm yourself
How to get cold:
  • Go for a swim
  • Go indoors when in hot climates
  • Wear no armour
  • Go outside during storms
  • Avoid heat producing blocks
Your body temperature will be affected by the ambient temperature around you, this is calculated by factors such as biome, rain, armour, day/night, indoors/outdoors, etc.
Get below 1 degree ambient and your body temperature will start to decrease slowly, get below -5 degrees ambient and body temp will decrease fast. This won't affect you until you reach a body temperature of -40 at which point you will start to become ill, start to seize up, get frostbite and become more susceptible to pneumonia.
You can get better simply by warming yourself up - get into a warmer area and your body temp will increase back to normal. (around 0 - 5)
Don't go too hot though or you will start to suffer from heatstroke, especially when in the nether.
/health - checks for contracted diseases
/disease immunity - displays immunity status
/disease list - list all diseases
/temp - check temperature statistics
/temp details - check temperature details

Note: I did not make this guide, the original auto takes all the credit and the original guide can be found here:

8 months ago
Void City Minecraft Drug Guide

Disclamer: These are drugs in a minecraft server and have absolutely nothing to do with real life.

White dye = cocaine, Brown dye = Coca leaf 
Pink dye = opium, lime dye = Opium poppy seed pods
Pink dye = opium, light gray dye = Morphine
light gray dye = morphine, gray dye = heroin
green dye = marijuana, stick = blunt
No special items needed.
No special items needed.
Right click the cauldron to obtain phosphorus.
water bucket is HCl, red dye is phosphorus, purple dye is iodine, blue dye is Ephedrine.
Golden hoe = Syringe
Shrooms crafting
Product is safrole, ingredient is Sassafras bark, which is obtained from breaking sassafras tree wood. 
Product is methylamine chloride, no special ingredients needed.
Product is Ecstacy, sunflower is Safrole, gunpowder is Mercury (Obtained from mining stone at y <= 10) and glass bottle is methylamine chloride. iron is regular iron ingot. 
Product is lysergic acid, ingredient is morning glory plant seeds. (obtained from harvesting morning glory plant). 

Product is chloroform, glass bottle is methylamine chloride, rest of ingredients are vanilla.
Product is ethanol, all ingredients are vanilla.
Product is LSD, ingredients are chloroform(paper), lysergic acid, and ethanol.

Credit: I did not make this guide, the link to the original guide can be found here: https://github.com/realFirstix/DrugFun/wiki

9 months ago
FreeBuild to City transfer format

When transfering a build from the freebuild world to the city or city to freebuild world please follow this format:

Type of transfer: city to freebuild or freebuild to city
City Plot:
Location of plot in your freebuild world: (just put the cords)
Instructions: (like what direction you want it facing, etc.)
ScreenShots: (optional, but they really help)

Note: you must make a smooth stone border around your plot in the freebuild world that is the same size at the plot in the city.

Example Transfer:
freebuild to city
10, 64, 140
Please have the corner with the sign match up with the corner with the sign in the city

9 months ago
[Not Working] Working Vehicles

Note This is No Longer Working!

Here is information on how to create a vehicle on the server!
You can create a working (moving) plane, blimp, ship and submarine!
  • Planes 
    • Plane
      • 25 - 250 blocks big
      • Speed of 12
      • Cruising speed of 6
    • Large Plane
      • 250 - 5000 blocks big
      • Speed of 6
      • Cruising speed of 3
    • Blimp
      • 5000 - 10000 blocks big
      • Speed of 1.5
      • Cruising speed of 0.75
  • Ship
    • Ship
      • 10 - 10000 blocks big
      • Speed of 0.5
  • Subs
    • Sub
      • 10 - 500 blocks big
      • Speed of 1
      • Cruising speed of 0.5
    • Large Sub
      • 500 - 10000 blocks big
      • Speed of 0.5
      • Cruising speed of 0.25
Building the vehicle:
While building a vehicle it is good to keep in mind that most of the vehicle has to be made of wool, so I would recommend every once and a while running the command /pilot (vehicle type) to see how many more wool or redstone blocks you need to place.

After you build the vehicle, ensure that there are furnaces (aka engines) on the ship loaded with coal or coal blocks. (as with out this your ship will not move)

Flying the vehicle:
to fly a vehicle simply place a sign with the first line being the vehicle type, then right click it and then right click with a stick in your hand in the direction that you want to move your vehicle in.

Note: to enable/disable auto-pilot run the command /cruse

Turning a vehicle:
To turn a vehicle run the command /rotate (left or right).
If you want want to do this, add a sign to your vehicle with the text "[helm]" on the top line (ensure that your vehicle is in build mode by typing /release).

Q: I have entered "Direct Control Mode" how can I get out of it?
A: You must of mistakenly left clicked with your stick, to leave the mode simply left click again

Q: Wool is so expensive, how can I build a craft?
A: I have lowered the price of wool in the server shop (/warp shop).

Q: I can't seem to pilot my craft in the main world, I get an error.
A: You can only pilot crafts in the wild.

Q: I can't seem to use a specific block on my ship why is that?
A: Not every block is allowed to be used on a ship, if you would like a block added please contact me.

Q: I can't turn even though I have the [helm] sign.
A: Make sure you aren't turning with a stick in your hand.

/scuttle - crash your vehicle
/cruise - autopilot, moves your craft in a specific direction
/release - releases your vehicle
/rotate (direction) -  rotates your vehicle
Automation Signs:
Note: all the text on the sign should be put on the first line, unless otherwise stated.
 [helm] - creates a steering wheel
(craft name) - creates a pilotable craft
release - releases your craft

9 months ago
BedWars April 10, 2020

Welcome to the April 10th, 2020 bedwars tournament on voidcity minecraft!

Here are some previews of the map! 
(Featuring the use of a tnt sheep and rescue platform, check out the video too)

Tomorrow’s bedwars lucky block tournament will look a little like this. Featuring lucky blocks that will spawn in the generator at your base and at the middle, many wild items such as rescue platforms which save you from your fate in the void, and a brand new map and lobby! Join voidcity minecraft (play.voidcitymc.com) to play at 5pm (17:00) EST (or find your time zone here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=VoidCity+Minecraft+Bedwars%21&iso=20200410T17&p1=224)
The video showing the tnt sheep and rescue platform can be found here:

There are going to be 3 games, the winner will be the best of 3, and the prize will be 10k in in-game money.

Hope to see you there,
- ram