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Police Guide

Police Guide

Crime Charges:
(You will take the percent of money player has out of their balance)

Murder- 7%
Assult- 1%
Possession of Drugs- 3%
Selling Drugs- 10%
Theft- 5%
Tresspassing- 2% 
(1% more each time player tresspasses)
Serial Killing(player has killed more then 3 people) -13%
Killing another player's pet- 5%

1) If you arrest a player with no proof of them doing anything illegal your police rank will be taken away
2) If a cop does anything illegal, keep in mind they may be demoted or fired from their job. Cops need to be trustworthy.
3) You have to be reasonably active
4) Respect players
5) Respect police who are of a higher rank than you, or you might be demoted or fired.
6) All police information is confidential. The location of certian secret rooms are espically confidential. Sharing private information will result in unemployment
7) You need to be on the void city discord
8) You cannot under any circumstances give police equipment to players who are not cops.
9) No griefing of the police station
10) The chief of police and co chief (most of the time) always have the right to fire a cop.
11) Do not take your pet with you if you are trying to arrest someone.
12) Keep this guide and your police badge with you at all times