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-Server Rules-
If you ever get banned or muted you need a forums account to appeal so it is recommended that you create now if you do not have one.
In this Document VoidCity is an alias for VoidCityMc and all its affiliated servers
Any player who has ever joined VoidCity is considered a VoidCity player
We, (the staff of VoidCity and all its affiliated servers) reserve the right to ban at our discretion
There is not an assigned punishment for each rule. Every situation is different and we will punish each player accordingly.
Staff have the final say on everything.
The more rules a player breaks, the higher the consequences.
Each punishment allows for one appeal, however if you have multiple punishments you will only get one appeal.
  1. No Doxxing or releasing any personally identifiable information about any VoidCity player.
    1. If you gather any personally identifiable information about a player, through VoidCity, or any of its servers and share any of that information anywhere (including outside VoidCity and it’s servers) that is a punishable offense.
    2. If someone’s minecraft username contains any personally identifiable information about themselves, one cannot get banned for sharing that information because it is already public information.
    3. For example, If someone knows your name (it doesn’t matter how they found it out) and you say their name on the server (VoidCity) that is doxxing, and is a punishable offense.
  2. No Inappropriate Content.
    1. If you share or post any inappropriate content on VoidCity or any of its affiliated servers that is a punishable offense. 
    2. Staff reserve the right to decide what is inappropriate content.
  3. Advertising any other websites or services not affiliated with VoidCity is not allowed.
    1. This is a punishable offense.
    2. Advertising includes posting links, ip addresses, staff have the right to determine what else this encompasses.
  4. Blacklisted modifications are not allowed.
    1. Before using any blacklisted modifications please ask a staff if that specific modification is allowed.
    2. Some of the common modifications that are allowed are optifine and badlion.
  5. Charging back store purchases is not allowed.
    1. Note: charged back store purchases are verified by ip addresses, to avoid fraudulent chargebacks:.
  6. Hate speech / Harassment, hate speech and harassment are not tolerated under any circumstances.
    1. If a player feels harassed by another player, and they ask the person harassing them to stop, but the player harassing does not stop, that is harassment and therefore a punishable offense.
    2. Note: Any sort of punishment is not considered harassment.
  7. Impersonation - Impersonating players or staff is not allowed under any circumstances.
    1. Pretending to be another VoidCity player is a punishable offense
      1. Pretending includes claiming you are another VoidCity player and letting others assume you are any other VoidCity player.
  8. Black Mail / Threats is not allowed under any circumstances
    1.  Forcing any VoidCity staff or player to do anything or take action is a form of blackmail and threatening.
    2. Using information to make a VoidCity player do something is a punishable offense.
  9. Attacking the server, DOS, DDOS, flood ping, etc… is a punishable offense and will most likely result in a mute and a permanent ban on VoidCity.
  10. Ban evasion is not allowed under any circumstances.
    1. Evading  your punishment oh VoidCity through an alt or any other way is a punishable offense.
  11. Hate speech 
    1. Any form of hate speech towards a player or the server is a punishable offense 

You can appeal at:

— These rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice — Please enjoy this server and have a great time!
Website: https://voidcitymc.com/
Discord: http://discord.voidcitymc.com/
Store: https://store.voidcitymc.com/
Map: https://map.voidcitymc.com/

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